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Blockchain & Tokenomics 101: SEC, Wall Street, Cryptocurrency «ICO’s Showcase» at Harvard Club of New York

  • Topics of discussion:
    Laws, Rules, Regulations & Compliance.
  • How is Blockchain Changing The Banking industry?
  • The Future of Cryptocurrency
  • Bitcoin is a commodity or currency?
  • How To Prepare For ETF Cryptocurrency Market
  • Crowdfunding Meet Blockchain ICO’s -The State of the Industry, When Crypto and Securities Collide, Wall Street & Digital Asset:
  • A huge increase in ICO investment, surpassing VC funding in Blockchain market
  • The Future of Cryptocurrency
  • Crypto Bank of Institutional Investors
  • ICOs, Fraud or the Future?
  • The World’s First Decentralized Affiliate Platform
  • Blockchain: Opportunities for Healthcare
  • Regulatory Landscape of Cryptocurrency
  • Blockchain revolution. Applying Venture Funds metrics to Blockchain investment
  • How to raise capital from the Family Office and Hedge Fund Communities
  • 10 Common Capital Raising Mistakes
    Regulators do not regulate ‘technology’
  • Developments in the Blockchain, DLT, and Bitcoin
  • Laws, Rules, Regulations for Title III & Initial Coin Offering (ICOs)
  • ICO’s continue to go wild, and now institutional VCs are taking part
  • “ICOs: Compliance in a Nutshell”
  • Capital Analysis and Review Liquidity Risk Management
  • Pros and Cons of Blockchain ICO’s
  • The Role of Digital Money in Crowdfunding; Security Compliance Audits;
    Token Economy; Future of Digital Currencies Exchange
  • Digital Economics and Blockchain Technology&Artificial Intelligence – Robo Advisors
  • The State of Reg. A Plus
  • Challenges facing companies who adopt Blockchain technology:
    Health; Education; Government; Energy; Logistics; transposition; DAO Tokens; Digital Asset
  • Open Discussion Q & A
  • Is ICOs Risky Business?
    Wall Street Blockchain; Functionality; Integration and Security
  • “So You Wanna ICO?” – Got a great idea for an ICO? Don’t have a great idea but want to ICO anyway.Join us for a workshop on how to get started with your ICO and the issues you need to think about.

After Hours VIP Networking Event

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